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Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

This is what happens in smaller classes.
Register for each and every class, and you’ll know which ones are filled and which are not!!


1. Strict Fran! First week in May! (May 4th week)

2. We have TWO MORE WEEKS of heavy lifting before we deload again. Next week and the week after that (through May 3rd)

3. Crossfit Football Total!! Balance Gym Glover Park on April 27th. Sign up here! – http://crossfitgloverpark.com/crossfit-football-total-sunday-april-27/

4. Frustrated by snatches yesterday? Or training in general? You should read this article.



Strength – Bench Press! – (x3) – 7-8/10 effort
- All reps will be PAUSED on the chest until your spotter gives you the PRESS command
- If you can’t complete 3 classy reps, decrease the weight for next set.

Rope climb!
- Wear long socks, or just listen to my advice about keeping the rope away from your lower legs
- Do not worry if you can’t do a single chin-up. I have seen people climb an entire rope without being able to do that. Also, there are plenty of other exercises that we can do for you in the meantime.

For Time
3 laps – short block (~ 1 mile)
Compare to November 8th

Post bench press numbers, rope climb successes, and mile times to comments!


Friday, April 18th, 2014

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs


1. Handstands! Today!

2. Strict Fran! First week in May! (May 4th week)

3. We have TWO MORE WEEKS of heavy lifting before we deload again. Next week and the week after that (through May 3rd)

4. Crossfit Football Total!! Balance Gym Glover Park on April 27th. Sign up here! – http://crossfitgloverpark.com/crossfit-football-total-sunday-april-27/

5. Child acrobats! Awesome! (Anyone who comes into the noon or evening classes, I can totally show you how to do a chair handstand, seriously.)

6. Saturday is bench, rope climb, and going outside. Whoot.


Mobility - lats/shoulders/hammies/adductors

Skills – Handstands
Same as Tuesday
Lvl 1 – chest to wall holds
Lvl 2 – back to wall balancing

Strength - Snatches! –  8/10 effort
Lvl 1 – Overhead squats – (x5)
Lvl 2 – Snatch from hip, no foot drill – (x1-3)
Lvl 3 – Snatch from knees, no foot drill – (x1-3)

We are again doing the no foot drill – setting your feet in squat width and keeping them there. This will ruin a lot of people’s days/weights, but it will get you pulling better and under the bar faster.

Bent over barbell rows – (3 x12)
- Mid-line stabilization! No body english!
- Use a lot less than you are probably snatching

Tabata front squats
“The front squat might be the single best Tabata lift” – Dan John
Use racks, rest in rack during break.
Score = total reps

Tabata front squats just fit so well in the programming. Compare to one month ago!


Thursday, April 16th, 2014

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

Jarryd on the top of Mt. Halgurd, the tallest mountain in Iraq!
His best picture since April 9th!


1. Handstands! Friday!

2. Strict Fran! First week in May!

3. Crossfit Football Total!! Balance Gym Glover Park on April 27th. Sign up here! – http://crossfitgloverpark.com/crossfit-football-total-sunday-april-27/

4. How to deadlift.

- Jump rope
- Shoulders/chest/triceps
- Hips

Strength – 25+ minutes
DEADLIFTS! – (x5) – 8/10 effort
- pause bar on ground for each rep, no tap and go.
- look to lift the same weight as last week, then increase slightly if feeling strong.
- mobilize hips/shoulders/anything in between sets.

Coaches will run you through progressively faster intervals on the erg. I don’t care about your distance, what we’re focusing on today is a constant stroke rate. (the number in the lower left of the monitor)
Learning how to keep this consistent will help you with the rowing workouts. Setting a good rhythm and knowing what it feels like will make you more efficient.

- Those not rowing are practicing jump rope and/or mobilizing.

Post deadlift numbers to comments!


Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

Your director, putting together another delightful workout.
(or answering emails like “What is CrossFit?”)


1. Handstands! Friday!

2. Muscle-ups! Today!

3. Strict Fran! First week in May!

4. Crossfit Football Total!! Balance Gym Glover Park on April 27th. Sign up here! – http://crossfitgloverpark.com/crossfit-football-total-sunday-april-27/

5. I love this video so much. Take away points:
- bar is super close on the clean
- when the bar is at the upper thighs, the weight is still on the heels!
- Chad holds his elbows up high for a SHELF for the bar (you may have elbows high, or lower, but always have a shelf)
- shallow, upright dip for the jerk!


Mobility –  shoulders, hip flexors

Split jerk work – 8/10 effort – 20 minutes
Lvl 1 – Push press – (x3)
Lvl 2 – Half Jerk – (x1/side)*
*Pressing out your jerk = not catching with straight arms. If you press out, take off 10 lbs
**Weight may be cleaned off the floor or taken from a rack


Muscle-up work! – (x1-5 reps)
Lvl 1 – False grip rows and Ring dips
Lvl 2 – Muscle-up, feet on ground in front of you
Lvl 3 – Muscle-up, feet on box behind you
Lvl 4 – Partner assisted muscle-up
Lvl 5 – The Real McCoy

alternate with

One legged squat practice

EMOM – 8 minutes
One leg squats (x3/side, non-alternating)
Bear crawls
**Score = total # of court lengths crawled
Reps are tallied at the end of every minute. Half reps don’t count!

Post jerk weight, muscle-up success, and total amount bear crawled to comments!


Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

1. Handstands! Today and Friday!

2. Muscle-ups! This Wednesday!

3. Strict Fran! First week in May!

4. Crossfit Football Total!! Balance Gym Glover Park on April 27th. Sign up here! – http://crossfitgloverpark.com/crossfit-football-total-sunday-april-27/

5. Consistency will get you there.

– Court drills/animal walks

Mobility – wrist. shoulder/rack stretch, hip

Skill – Handstand
Lvl 1 – Chest to wall handstand on box or wall, hold only
Lvl 2 – Back to wall handstand, hold or balance

Strength – Cleans – 8+/10 effort – 5-10 lbs more than last week
Lvl 1 – Dumbbell cleans – (x5)
Lvl 2 – Clean from the knees, no foot drill** – (x1-3)
** start the feet in squat width, do not move feet forward/backward/or sideways.

8 min AMRAP
KB swings – (x10) (32 kg/ 24 kg)
Burpees over the kettlebell – (x10)**
**face the KB each time, no lateral jumps

Post Handstand success, Clean weight, and Rounds through to comments!


Monday, April 14th, 2014

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

Welcome Maureen, Kate, Joaquin, Michael, Amanda, and Chris when you see them in class this week!
Fresh out of Foundations!!

1. We are pushing the handstand harder this month to help you improve this skill. We will be including handstands as skill work on Tuesday and Friday of this week. Come those days if you want to get some practice!
But what are somethings you can do without a coach to improve your handstands?
- Shoulder mobility! Roll and stretch out the chest/lats/shoulders to increase that overhead range of motion. We’re looking to get a 180 degree angle between the body and arms. It is tough, but every degree helps!
- Handstand holds! If you are comfortable with this exercise, practice holding yourself up against the wall for extended periods of time. Good form still rules, so push out strong through the shoulders and keep the body tight. Longer and longer holds against the wall will allow for longer and longer freestanding holds!

2. We run max strength work at the end of every month, so that you can set new PR’s in your main lifts. The following week we will run a benchmark met-con. The met-con we will do during the first month of May is Strict Fran!!! 21-15-9 reps of thrusters and strict pull-ups! (banded are fine). 10 min cap. We ran it on February 11th, so get ready to beat that score!

3. You should sign up for the Crossfit Football Total!! It is a test of your max bench, squat, power clean and deadlift. Afterward there is a heavy met-con. It will be hosted by our sister gym, Balance Gym Glover Park on April 27th. More info and sign up here! – http://crossfitgloverpark.com/crossfit-football-total-sunday-april-27/

Mobility – glutes, adductors, calves

- X-band walks – court length and back
- Squat stretch – 3 x 30 seconds

Strength – 20+ minutes – 7-8/10 effort – 5 sets minimum
Back squats – (x5)

- Look to hit last week’s numbers for a set of 5. If it’s still feeling good, add 5-10 more lbs.

alternate with

Push-up to down dog – (x5)
- Push out strong at the top of your push-up, then sink hips back to down dog position to stretch open the shoulders
- If working from the knees, rise up on your toes before you sink back
- Elevate feet slightly to make harder

Assistance – 10-12 minutes – 4-5 sets, plenty of rest in between
Chin-ups – (x3)
- go banded, negative, free, grip-intensive, false-grip, one-arm assisted, or weighted

5x through
30 seconds – AMRAP toes to bar/knees to elbows
15 seconds rest
30 seconds – AMRAP box jumps/step-ups (24″/20″)
15 seconds rest

Score is two numbers – total number of toes to bar / total number of box jumps

Post squat numbers, chin-up success, and met-con score to comments!


Saturday, April 12th 2014

Written by CrossFit Foggy Bottom on . Posted in WODs

PEAK BLOOM!  Look at coaches Joe and Katie not knowing where to go to find the blossoms.  They’re so crazy.

Warm Up/Mobility – 10 minutes

  • Jump Rope/Double Under Practice
  • Coaches Choice for Shoulder/Chest/Tri Mobility

Skill – Handstand Progressions – 10 minutes

  • Positioning on Box
  • Facing the Wall
  • Balancing – Split off the Wall
  • Balancing – Freestanding

Strength – Bench Press Saturday! – 5 sets of 5 – 25 minutes

Alternate With –

One Arm Dumbbell Rows x 8 each arm (50/35)

Conditioning –

Partner WOD – 10:00 AMRAP

One partner will perform 3 Dumbbell Curtis P’s* (40/25) and then with dumbbells in hand, bear crawl** the length of the studio and back.

What should the other partner do?  Good Question.  They will hold a hollow position until that person has returned.  Once returned, switch.

Score = Number of times the Curtis P/DB Bearcrawl was performed.

OMG, there’s an odd number and we have a team of three.  That’s OK, decide on an order.  One person will begin on the dumbbells while two of you hold a hollow and then rotate.  In this scenario, you will hollow hold twice in a row.  You’ll thank me during tankini season.

*Curtis P = Dumbbell Hang Clean, Lunge Right, Lunge Left, Push Press

**Standard Bear Crawl only with a twist.  The twist being you’re holding onto dumbbells.

Post Bench weights and number of rounds to comments.